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Our services for tenants and property owners

La Mia Casa is a Real Estate Agency that offers high-level services, finding its core business in luxury properties. Thanks to a solid network of partnerships with multinational companies and banks for the placement of top management, we get higher returns compared to market levels for our clients. We also offer a Property Management service for the entire life of the contract, taking care of maintenance as well as managing the tenant’s needs in a continuous and complete service that allows them to truly feel at home.

Thanks to our knowledge of 6 languages in addition to Italian, we can also manage international negotiations. It is no coincidence that we have entered into partnerships with banks and multinationals looking for a rental home for their managers and executive staff. Both the homeowner and the tenant feel safe thanks to our services: our clients can rely on real estate consultants who are graduated and specialized in residential assets, thus promising a high-level service from a legal and technical point of view.